Customer Testimonial

1. What factors made decide to work with PWM Training

We felt that the comprehensive services offered by PWM would meet the IT training needs of our colleagues. PWM trainers always receive excellent feedback as their courses continually exceed staff expectations. When managers attend these courses, usually they go away so impressed they request PWM provide training for their entire teams. We would recommend PWM to anyone and look forward to working with PWM into the future.

2. What do you like most about working with us?

Trainers are warm, engaging and experts in their knowledge of Microsoft programmes. Special commendations should be made to Kerry Purdy and Roger for running excellent courses and receiving outstanding feedback.

3. Did you have any objections/hesitations before you decided to hire us? If so, what were they? How did we overcome them?

We had no objections or hesitations. We felt PWM staff members to be highly professional and engaging.

4. How did our training improve the efficiency of your team?

Staff who attend PWM’s courses report significantly improved confidence and competence when using Microsoft packages, such as Word and Excel.

5. If you were to recommend us to a colleague, friend, or business associate, how would you describe the way we provide our service to you (or, the way we helped you achieve a certain result)?

Professional, flexible and engaging without the jargon.

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