Excel 2016 - Keep the copy (Geek alert!)

Oh my days, I know I am showing myself up as a real geek here but such a wonderful things has happened in Excel 2016!

How many times have you copied something in Excel, note the marching ants around your copied area and then have to type something before you paste, or insert a row? The marching ants disappear and you have to highlight and copy again as you are now ready to paste, which is only available IMMEDIATELY!

The latest update to Excel 2016 is "Keep the copy". I copied some data, and went on a typing, inserting rows & columns and formatting frenzy (just because I could) and the marching ants stayed, they continued marching! So I pasted, without having to copy again! I copied again and then inserted a new sheet, renamed it and then pasted into it. So, after whooping and scaring the cat I thought it best to share the news for you all to woop too in pure Excel geekyness! 

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