Customer Testimonial

1. What factors made you decide to work with PWM Training?

Value for money and flexibility.

2. What do you like most about working with us?

Quality training delivery and great customer service.  PWM are always happy to flex the content of the course to meet our requirements.

3. Did you have any objections/hesitations before you decided to hire us? If so, what were they? How did we overcome them?

We were not sure the “off the shelf” content was exactly what we required.   We sat down with our contact at PWM and explained what we needed. As it was difficult for our team members to be out of the office for a whole day, we wanted to run the 1 day session over 2 half days.  The course was flexed to suit and gave us exactly what we asked for.

4. How did our training improve the efficiency of your team?

Efficiency has been greatly improved – everyone who has been trained, has been able to hit the ground running as a result of the training.

5. If you were to recommend us to a colleague, friend, or business associate, how would you describe the way we provide our service to you (or, the way we helped you achieve a certain result)?

Personal, friendly service.   Quality training delivered in a professional way, with the added benefit of being able to flex the content to exactly meet our audience requirements.

6.Is there anything else you'd like to add that we haven't yet asked about?

Having regional offices around the country, it’s great that PWM are happy to travel to our offices to deliver the training on site.  This is a more cost effective way of running the courses for us.

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