Office 365…it’s a bit like knocking your funny bone!

I use, train, play, moan, squeal, basically live and breathe Office 365 every day.  I love it and I can’t deny I am Microsoft to the core (apart from my phone but that’s a story for another day).  However, as a Microsoft trainer with 23 years of experience I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by the updates on a monthly basis!

The giggle feeling

We have noted 277 updates in the last 6 months! 277 brilliant updates, some could be improvements to features, some a new feature in Office 2016 and some an entire new Online app. Just genius, I love that Microsoft are really listening to their users. After so many years (I accidentally typed tears and debated about whether to leave it in) of having to put up with a feature decision they had made, when it felt like they had no “working on the ground” experience, we would have to put up with it until the next version was released. Now they are reactive and collaborative, its wonderful. The apps have the potential to save some businesses a small fortune by not having to pay out for apps that give them the functionality of Staff Hub and Bookings, Stream and Yammer.

The ouch feeling

So much geeky excitement is exhausting! There are so many updates, we talked about 56 in our June Newsletter! As trainers, experienced in keeping ourselves up to date, we sometimes just want to stop the whirlwind, get off and catch our breath! How do you manage? It’s frustrating that so many don’t know about the wonderful things that have changed in the last 30 days because you dared to blink. How are self-employed trainers keeping up to date, it's quite time consuming? how are IT Training companies keeping their trainers up to date when they are out delivering training daily?  How are IT HelpDesk support teams keeping up to date with Admin updates and supporting their colleagues with user level updates while managing every day support issues?


We conducted a poll and found that a lot of users are aware that updates happen but an equal amount didn't.  Those that were aware didn’t know where to find this information!

There is, of course, update information online, however we take quite some time to gather all of our information together, one Microsoft site shows some updates, another Microsoft Blog talks about another. Some Help pages are great, some haven’t been created yet or are just not written in a language that explain the “why”. It feels like such a shame when Microsoft are obviously working so hard on adding fab functionality to our Office 365 subscription but people don’t get to find out about it.  Once you dip your toe into “lets keep up to date” it can feel like a minefield and we feel your pain!

How much time, effort and money is being spent keeping teams up to date, at all levels. How much time, effort and money is being wasted by not keeping teams up to date, at all levels.

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