Microsoft OneNote

Duration Time
3 hours
2013 / 2016 / 2019 3 hours

Do you want to become an expert in using one of Microsoft’s most popular applications? OneNote is a digital notebook that can be used for collaboration across teams and devices. It can store notes, lists, clips, screen captures and audio, all in a simple structure making it easy to share and use digital notes.

Course Overview

This course is designed for new users of OneNote. During the course you will learn the OneNote terminology, how to navigate OneNote, create and save a notebook and create sections and pages in the notebook. You will see how to easily add notes and lists, and capture images and other content. You will discover how to share your notebook with others, use categories and how to send content directly into your notebook from other sources.

Download the full course outline

What is OneNote
Create a new notebook
Create sections and pages
Sharing notes
Use OneNote as a minute taker
Adding and formatting text notes
Use tags to categorise your notes
Insert screenshots
Add pictures
Record audio
Capture screen clippings
Create quick notes
Create linked notes
Send content from Outlook

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