Microsoft Visio

Duration Time
1 day
2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 1 day

Do you want to become an expert in creating flowcharts, organisational charts, floor plans, network diagrams or any other processes? Microsoft Visio is a great tool for creating these types of diagrams and our Visio training will really enable you to use it’s full potential to easily create professional and dynamic looking diagrams.

Course Overview

You will learn all the features that assist you in creating professional looking process flowcharts, cross functional flowcharts or organisational charts. You will learn easy ways to align and connect shapes, work with text, add connectors and use layers. You will discover how shape data can store much more than is being displayed within the drawings. You will learn all this and how to apply these skills to create your own modern diagrams.

Download the Full Course Outline

Using the Drawing Tools
Learn selection techniques
Add shapes from stencils
Work with objects
Connect drawings
Create Flow Diagrams
Place and connect shapes
Work with text
Create Network Diagrams
Work with pages
Import graphics
Use grid and guides
Customise shapes
Link pages and other files
Use layers
Create floor plans
Create electrical diagrams
Create organisation charts
Add custom shapes
Set printing options
Use reports

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