Call centerMany service desk staff provide technical solutions with limited user-level knowledge of the individual applications within the business; fantastic for fixing network issues and hardware faults but not as confident helping a user with a ‘Nested IF’ in Excel or a Mail Merge query. We help with the “I don’t know how to work with Word” instead of the “my Word isn’t working”.

We provide a Service Desk Support package, working alongside your engineers and receiving ticket notifications in the same way.  Within 24- hours of receiving the ticket notification, we will deal specifically with Microsoft Office based issues and provide the necessary support through email or, more likely, a telephone or Skype call.

If you have a high-volume of tickets, or a large workforce, having a trainer on-site on a regular basis can considerably reduce your Service Desk calls and improve productivity. Support tickets can be resolved by training at desk.  Induction visits for new staff members can also be scheduled as well as workshops and clinics.

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